Soon… but not yet

19 Mar

Put in the back of a cupboard


With holey socks and instant custard
Sell-by date expired

Waiting ever-patient
For planets to align

The clouds will clear, a shaft of light!

Rapture! Time to rhyme

‘Til April’s once more gone

The muse back in her box
With dusty toys and clamshell phones

And high school lovers’ locks


18 Jul

I am blob

Reusable putty-like



Holding up a thing

Gravity defying

But growing old

Less putty-like
Less adhesive

I dropped my thing!

The other blobs are looking at me

I feel sick

Scraped away

My traces erased

Replaced by younger blob

Replaceable putty-like


Risque Snippets

5 Jul

2 pieces of risque micropoetry:

Dentist’s Waiting Room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room!
Who put it there?
Is it part of the care?
Is it there to ease the pre-extraction gloom?
I come to your door
You don’t want me anymore
There’s a new man on your back
(I can see his hairy crack)
All I feel is relief
That our liaison so brief
(But so boring nonetheless)
Is over, I guess

Water snail – eater of hope

30 Jun

Where once was hope
there’s now just
a solitary
water snail
sucking on
my entrails

From whence it came
I don’t know
it killed me though, this
water snail.
I wish that
it would go.


24 Jun

Regurgitated lunch
Don’t feel like being English no more

False hope
UK’s no longer ‘dope’
But it is ‘a dope’, for sure

Have we salted our soil?
Retreating behind a locked door

On our British isle
We recriminate encore

Bury Me Deep

30 May

Put me to sleep
And bury me deep
‘Cos when I wake up, I’ll
Get you

Addle my brains
And wrap me in chains
I’ll find the key, and
Catch you

Frame me for a crime
And make me do time
When I’m paroled, I’ll
Find you

Or take me as yours
Yield to my claws
And I’ll do no more, but
Love you


20 May

Inspired by the ever-inspiring Crow

The bottle sat sealed
A passer-by in full flow glanced
Then comically reversed
To look askance

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by surveyed to see
If others had observed his
Erstwhile trophy

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by grew wide to hide
The prize from rival passing eyes
With jealous pride

No bottle sat sealed
The passer-by in full flow fled
Encumbered by suspicious bulge
He later was found dead.