A Poem that tells a lie (for day 2 of the poem a day for a month thingy)

4 Apr

Good morning and thanks for inviting me
First, why do I want this job?
I just love the values of your company
That you espouse from bottom to top.

(I was fired from my last post for being too lewd
And for violence toward the boss
I used a photocopier in the nude
And kicked my superior up the ass.)

My communication skills are second to none
In writing and orally
I’m a completer-finisher, I get things done
And I’m never sick or poorly.

(I hated everyone in my last place
The clients and all of the staff
I’d gladly spit upon their face
And maniacally laugh.) 

I work well in a team and on my own
And I go the extra mile
I’m always positive, I never moan
I’m service with a smile.

(I hate my job and I hate my life
I hate people most of all
I’ve been this way since I lost my wife
To an office-boy called Paul.)


2 Responses to “A Poem that tells a lie (for day 2 of the poem a day for a month thingy)”

  1. amydot90 April 4, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    Oh I wish I had found out about NaPoWriMo earlier! I would have took part, but I’ve already signed up to the a to z challenge with a poetry theme!… Maybe next year!

    Enjoyed your poem, haven’t read anything like this before.

    • supazuba April 4, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

      Thanks Amy! I like the sound of the A to Z challenge. I’ll check it out.

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