Sympathy for the door-to-door salesman – for day 1 of poetry version of Lent

5 Apr

Take the first line of a famous poem and go for your life. My nod is to Jagger and Richards’ classic Sympathy for the Devil (but you knew that)


Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man who can make you a deal
I’ve a company card and a smile on my face
And I think you’ll agree it’s a steal

Woo Woo…

I’ve been on the streets for a long time now
And it’s tough to remain in control
The old dears down the road wouldn’t open the door
You would think I was after their soul

Woo woo…

The shine on my shoes shows that I am for sure
The stripes on my suit say ‘legit’
Just let me inside – it will be worth your while
It’s cold out here, how ‘bout it?

Woo woo…

You’ve made the right choice, I wish more were like you
But people don’t trust any more
Just sign on the line, you can still change your mind
And I will no longer darken your door.


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