Poem done wrong for day 7 of napowrimo

7 Apr

Daddy, I loved my cat and my cat loved me
I cuddled her every day
She purred in my ear like the rain on the roof
Daddy, why did my cat run away?

Daddy, you told me to be always polite
You said respect every woman and man
But you really do say some terrible things
Why do you not respect my gran?

Daddy, you said that we should not say naughty words
If we swear Jesus Christ will be sad
The words you say sound like swearing sometimes
Aren’t ‘fuck’, ‘shit’, ‘bugger’, ‘cunt’ also bad?

Daddy, I think that you are a wonderful man
Although mum sometimes says you’re a jerk
There’s just one thing I wonder and wish I could change
Why do you spend so much time at work?

I realise now that this poem is wrong
The question is not to be in each verse
It’s to be at the end – the last line of the rhyme
Could this poem be any worse?

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