Film noir with reactionary ending…

9 Apr

I first saw the dame
In a deli in ‘Dam
She asked ‘what’ll you have?’
Then she hawked me a ham
I said ‘Hold up there girl
You got me short by a gram’
So she added a slice
And shut the till with a slam

The dame was a beauty
With big eyes of blue
Under the sleeve of her T
Was a tiger tattoo
In her blond hair
She had a purplish hue
The longer I gaped
The more gorgeous she grew

Next day I wore my suit
To see the girl in the store
It was 100% wool
Unlike the one I usually wore
When I got there the man
Said ‘mevrouw’ wasn’t there no more
And that the rampant misogeny of the film noir genre, that simultaneously objectifies and vilifies women as beautiful scheming ‘broads’…
Was naught but a bore.


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