A simple thing I wish I’d said – day 12 napowrimo

12 Apr

Hello to the postman who brings me my mail

I’ve a suspicion that one day you’ll end up in jail

Your furtive looks show an unstable mind

But hello to you and to the rest of your kind


Hello to the driver of my old school bus

Every day you would shout and you’d cuss

You might not be getting on well with your wife

And a cheery hello might have brightened your life


Hello to the celebrity I saw in the street

You’re someone I always wanted to meet

I didn’t know you were lonely and I was too shy

So I kept quiet and the opportunity passed by


Hello to the little red haired girl

Not from Charlie Brown, but in my class, my world

I loved from afar but I never was bold

I’ll regret it still when I’m a hundred years old 


One Response to “A simple thing I wish I’d said – day 12 napowrimo”


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    […] already done a poem about greetings – see day 12, so for today on napowrimo I’m trying something […]

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