The water cycle – day 18 of napowrimo

18 Apr

This is just a quickie to satisfy the prompt gods of napowrimo who decree today that the poem must start and end with the same word. I’ve plucked the water cycle from my memory of the subject at school. If it has inaccuracies, I clearly wasn’t paying attention.

the clouds rise
and the air cools
And the cooling air condenses
and forms droplets. When these droplets
become heavy enough they fall as rain upon the
mountains and the fields and some of the water runs off
the surface into streams and rivers and underground arteries that
feed into streams and rivers and the streams and rivers run into lakes
and to the sea. But some of the water is sucked up into plants and trees
which use it along with sunshine and carbon dioxide to make oxygen
and the plants and trees use the water but transpire some into the air
And some of the water in the lakes and in the sea evaporates
into the air and the water vapour in the air forms clouds
And the clouds rise and the air cools


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