No Pigeons

30 Apr

Meticulously lay the fruit and fat balls in the tree
Wait behind the window now to see what you will see
A goldfinch or a swift, even a swallow hopefully
All god’s birds are welcome but for one anomaly

No pigeons!

It isn’t long before the first arrivals start to feed
Beautiful and delicate, a lovely sight indeed
You’d love to snap a picture of them pecking at your seed
By the time you get your camera there’s naught but the dreaded breed

Oi! No pigeons!

You run outside and flap your arms like the feathered friends you love
Your foul-mouthed incantations give the sky-vermin the shove
The pigeons take off heavily into the sky above
You go inside and slam the door. You have had quite enough.

#%$@#&% pigeons!

You take a couple Valium and would you credit that!
Look out the window in your tree, the most gorgeous bird is sat
Singing to its friends and nibbling your balls of fat
When suddenly it’s massacred by next-door’s bloody cat.

I quite like pigeons myself. This is for day 27 of napowrimo ‘cos I don’t like the prompt. Day 26 is on its way.


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