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Behind the Bike Sheds

15 Jun

Behind the bike sheds
Strange things occur
Between metal padlocks
Between him and her

Behind the bike sheds
Danger lurks
From the nearby hut
Where the caretaker works

Behind the bike sheds
He once lost his love
To Tommy o’Thomas
And he cried out above

‘Behind the bike sheds
If lovers do stray
The fools will regret it
If I have my way’

Behind the bike sheds
This scorned man lays a trap
He digs a great hole
Covered with a thin flap

Behind the bike sheds
A geek and a goth
Among stubs and fag ends
Both pledge their troth

And as the two star-crossed lovers
Stand on that ground
The earth swallows them
And they never are found

To this day it’s told
To all schoolchildren’s dread
It’ll all end in tears
Behind the bike sheds.