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Gospel pie

28 Oct

Well let me hear ya, sing out loud
Turn up your voice, make it strong and proud
This here is such, a beautiful day
Open your lungs, let me hear you say.

After all, that we been through
Let’s celebrate, both me and you
Let’s praise The Lord, praise him to the sky
And give him thanks, for this apple pie.

It’s crust so light, yet robust and gold
Better than any, Sara Lee e’er sold
As for the filling, it just melts in the mouth
Then slides down smoothly, going south.

A hint of cinnamon, and not so sweet
A gastronomic, quite delicious treat
Wash down with coffee, oh what bliss
Does it ever, get much better than this?


Photo loop

25 Oct

The boy sits

at the screen

Hood up

Watching a

Photo loop



5 in all

Slide show

When he’ll stop

No-one knows


Image one

Smiling girl

Back seat

Of a car

Looks like him


Image two

Mum in front

Turns round

Sun haloes

Angel face


Image three

Daddy’s head


Eyes on road

Good driver


Image four

Turning round

He waves

Daddy look!

The boy slumps


Image five

Window smash


Flying bits

Daddy no.


The boy sits

at the screen

Hood up

Watching a

Photo loop

Forced to write poetry

24 Oct

Sitting in my smelly cell
A bedsit, Kingston-upon-Hell
Light through grimy windows staggers
A church tolls a doleful bell.

I look at my inquisitor
My jailer and my torturer
Whose blankly blinking face mocks me
And challenges to demur

My face it hides rebellion
But not, am I, a hellion
I must submit and take the hit
Before I can turn the telly on

Ne’er will I e’er see the glow
Of the moon glistening o’er fresh snow
Unless I break out of this fug
And clean the bloody window.