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New Year’s Resolutions – 2014

31 Dec

In 2014 I resolve… (repeat at the start of each verse)

…to exercise 3 times a week
Except when the weather is cold and bleak
Or it’s dark outside and I’m feeling meek
Or there’s a conference on, and I’m required to speak

…to eat healthy food that I’ve cooked from raw
Rather than ready meals they have in the store
Unless time is short or work’s been a chore
Then I might treat myself to a 12-inch pizza

…to be so much kinder to family and friends
…to start wearing clothes from the latest of trends
…to look after my hygiene which often offends
And already I can’t wait ’til this new year ends

…to write a poem each and every day
One that’s witty and has something clever to say
It’ll rhyme and have rhythm and from meter won’t stray
And be better than this one in every way!

The Great Escapist

17 Dec

Double knots and steel locks
Strait jackets and a sealed box
A barrel heading for a waterfall
The great escapist escaped them all

And many things less perilous
Like in-law visits at Christmas
Works parties, the annual ball
The great escapist escaped them all

He even escaped the good in life
He escaped his kids, escaped his wife
He hid from them behind a wall
The great escapist escaped them all

In the end he couldn’t flee
The growing sense of misery
‘Til with a rope, a chair, a fall
The great escapist escaped it all.


13 Dec

All the air is white
Spectral seagulls glow on grass
Spider webs heavily glisten on glass
Clouds of droplets suspended en masse
And I am stuck inside

I’m lost again
All the things I know are there
In the candy floss, but where?
Obscured no matter how hard I stare
I’ll forever search in vain