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Grandad was a drag queen

5 Jan

Today we buried grandad
95 years old
His life was unspectacular
So his eulogy told
But grandad had another side
One that he kept well hid
He only trusted me with it
‘When I die son, lift the lid’

Grandad was a proof reader
With an eye for detail keen
But less well known about him was
That grandad was a drag queen
He told me this when grandma died
And he became depressed
She’d never thought him any less
No matter how he dressed.

And grandad showed me photos
Of him and his young wife
Of them both and their 9 children
Of the good times in their life
There were other photos too
A great aunt I’d known as Mary
I’d always felt her resemblance
To grandad was quite scary

‘To grandad’, let us raise a glass
And toast this special man
I never once saw you perform
But I’ll always be your fan

Loose Coupling

3 Jan

When anything can change
When everything can change
Best not get too connected
Best not get too involved
Loose coupling

Protect yourself from trauma
Protect yourselves from pain
Don’t get too connected
Don’t get too involved
Loose coupling

Keep your options open
Eggs for other baskets
There’s more than one fish in the sea
Take it from me
Loose coupling’s better than lost coupling

But what if you only love one fish?
What if you only have one egg?
What if you want to be too involved?
Too immersed? Innate? Invested?
Tight coupling?

…well if you like that kind of thing.


2 Jan

So tired
So old
So down
So cold

So weak
So fat
So slow
So what?

So far