20 questions

14 Apr

Day 14 of napowrimo

These are the first 20 questions that came to mind today:

Why didn’t I book today off work?
Why is my dreaming wife wearing that smirk?
Why is the shower plughole blocked again?
What is this fuzz that is stuck in the drain?
Why don’t I have matching socks in my drawer?
Why is the elastic in my pants so poor?
Who ate all of my Raisin Crunch?
What else can I eat, I can’t wait ’til lunch?

Where are my car keys – they were here last night?
Is this coffee starting to affect my sight?
Which of my children took my 20-pound note?
Is that cat wee I can smell on my coat?
Why does my bus never arrive on time?
Why can’t I find the right word to rhyme?
Why does my boss always pick on me?
Why does the vending machine eat my money?

Why does each new day follow the last?
Why can’t we live in our happier past?
Why does a broken heart never mend?
When will this whole thing end?


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