Something on 54th making me queasy

21 Apr

A half-hearted attempt at a ‘New York School’ poem, as per the day 21 prompt for napowrimo.

There’s something on 54th that’s making me queasy
I don’t know what it is but it’s all mangled and shit
I passed on my way to a gallery with Turturro
He didn’t want to stop as we were already late
So on my way home I did not take the subway
But chose to walk back down 54th street instead
By now messed-up kids were poking the thing
With rolled-up copies of Variety
There was a smell in the air, could have been cystitis
I tried to get close, but was like a press-call with Miley
The glimpse turned my stomach like bad seats on Broadway
I’ll have to get up early and go back tomorrow
It might be somebody I know.


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