Control Tower – for napowrimo day 12

13 Apr

Control tower – Reduced poetic version
Window view expansive
Hanging slats protective
Sky-blue sky unclouded
Lawned grass unshrouded
Outstretched leaf-less trees
Beg for rain, please

Brick bastions surround
Mown oblong ground
Phalanxed motor cars
Await homebound hurrahs
Birds swoop ever-lower
Without control tower.
Control tower – Descriptive version

The view from my office window is a pretty and expansive one. I draw aside the hanging slats of the blinds to reveal: above – a sky-blue sky without clouds; below – a large, closely-mown, oblong field of grass with occasional clumps of leaf-less trees reaching up to the sky. These trees are for some reason isolated from the crowd of similar woody types that loom over the buildings that stand around the field on 3 sides. These long-standing brick bastions of 3 stories each lurk around the field like old men at a cricket match. Every building is attended by a phalanx of automobiles, most of which face their stone master but there are a few itinerant vehicles that face away, hinting at their owner’s less than happy relationship with the building and their desire to make a quick getaway at the appointed hour.

Usually there would be people walking between the buildings and over the fields in ones, twos, groups and larger throngs. Some walk purposefully and fast, while for others it is the social interaction that is more important than the destination. Some hurry, with time running out, while others have all the time in the world.

Odd birds fly by low. The higher flight-paths are reserved for the planes that are lowering themselves overhead on their approach in to the nearby airport. The birds are not inclined to compete with them and they scoff at the human need for a control tower to guide and manage every flight.


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