Go-go-Gadget Gloom! A persona poem for day 26 of napowrimo 2015

27 Apr

Go-go-Gadget Pen!
Here I go again
Trying to bare a soul
Churning in turmoil

I know my boss hates me
Chief Waldo Quimby
I’ll admit the odd mistake
But it’s time I had a break

I’m the joke of my family
My niece Penny especially
She’s such a know-it-all
And the dog’s no help at all

He and Penny solve each case
Leaving me with egg on face
They make me look so bad
I’m minded to join M.A.D.

Every single day
Life finds a way
To make me self-destruct
I’m well and truly… sad

So this is the end
My poem-reading friend
Life’s run out of juice
Go-go-Gadget Noose!

(cue hilarious scene as a rope extends out of Gadget’s hat, round a beam on the ceiling and down to the the floor where it loops around his ankle and hoists our hero upside-down in the air).


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