Archive | January, 2016

Listening Face

18 Jan

I’m trying to keep my listening face
From showing how I feel
Emotions under the skin-covered space
Churn and whirl and reel

I wonder if I simply told the truth
Would you even hear?
Would my words strike you as uncouth?
Would you recoil in fear?

And as I stand here, still listening
Thoughts run through my head
The spittle on your lips is glistening
And I’m afraid I’ve lost the thread



Catholic Guilt

15 Jan

My dark desires
Filthy mouth
And dirty deeds (potential)
By instruction (torrential)

O’ moral code
Where would I be
Without your guiding light?
Or knee-deep in shite?

Morning person

6 Jan

Glittery in morning
with the early sun
bouncing out of bed
irritating ev’ryone

Shimmery at noontime
helped along by lunch
peanut butter sandwich
packs a power punch

Dimmer in the evening
barely luminous
impatient of little ones
causing such a fuss

Ditchwater at night
spent and craving bed
haunted by night owls
Twit twooing in my head

In answer to Poet Rummager’s question

In the Absence of Moonlight

5 Jan

My beam sweeps the night
As chittering, fluttering things
Laugh beyond its light
While I search for you
Blackness infinite
Overwhelms me with despair
To think that I might
Not see you again