Archive | May, 2016

Bury Me Deep

30 May

Put me to sleep
And bury me deep
‘Cos when I wake up, I’ll
Get you

Addle my brains
And wrap me in chains
I’ll find the key, and
Catch you

Frame me for a crime
And make me do time
When I’m paroled, I’ll
Find you

Or take me as yours
Yield to my claws
And I’ll do no more, but
Love you


20 May

Inspired by the ever-inspiring Crow

The bottle sat sealed
A passer-by in full flow glanced
Then comically reversed
To look askance

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by surveyed to see
If others had observed his
Erstwhile trophy

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by grew wide to hide
The prize from rival passing eyes
With jealous pride

No bottle sat sealed
The passer-by in full flow fled
Encumbered by suspicious bulge
He later was found dead.

Breaking Binary

18 May

Labelled when born
Before thoughts form
A he/she norm
Put in a box
Secure the locks
Blue or pink socks
Fight to break free
Instead, know ‘me’
You scared to try?
Not, what am I
But who and why?

Fun run

11 May

Warm sun above
Tarmac below…

Off we go’d

Down the road
Roared on by the crow-d
Bobbing along

No chatter or song
Passed the tongue

Of the forward-faced throng

While banners and boards

Were waved by the hoards
Whose fat-faced wards

Sticky sweets gnawed

Up hill


Running still

Feeling ill

Hot sun above

Hard road below

How far is there left to go?
I don’t know.

Dream Nonsense

5 May

I dreamt a famous poet
Came to teach me how to do it
He had a beard and he taught me how to rhyme
I learned all about meter
I think his name was Peter
And he charged me twenty stanzas for his time
But then when I awoke
The iambic spell was broke
I was left without a couplet or a verse
I had nothing left but prose,
Cramp in all my toes
And a mark-ed lack of stanzas in my purse

Mommy can we go to the graveyard?

4 May

Mommy won’t you take me to the graveyard?
Mommy can we go there soon?
I want to read the stones
Of the people who have gone
I want to find out how they wound up in their tomb

Mommy won’t you take me to the graveyard?
Mommy can we go today?
I want to smell the flowers
Watch the sad people for hours
I want to see all of their tributes on display

Mommy won’t you take me to the graveyard?
Mommy can we go tonight?
I want to see the ghosts
Of the semi-decomposed
I want to give myself a devil of a fright!

Darling don’t hurry to the graveyard
Darling you will be there soon enough
It’s not the kind of place
To which you really want to race
You should spend more time on living-people stuff.

Car Park Blues – Open Mic

1 May

For God’s sake, don’t listen to this

The crow made me do it!