Archive | July, 2016


18 Jul

I am blob

Reusable putty-like



Holding up a thing

Gravity defying

But growing old

Less putty-like
Less adhesive

I dropped my thing!

The other blobs are looking at me

I feel sick

Scraped away

My traces erased

Replaced by younger blob

Replaceable putty-like



Risque Snippets

5 Jul

2 pieces of risque micropoetry:

Dentist’s Waiting Room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room!
Who put it there?
Is it part of the care?
Is it there to ease the pre-extraction gloom?
I come to your door
You don’t want me anymore
There’s a new man on your back
(I can see his hairy crack)
All I feel is relief
That our liaison so brief
(But so boring nonetheless)
Is over, I guess