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What would I do without my sharpie?

8 May

More often these days there’s a mental music that accompanies my ‘poems’. Once again, the show-tune that accompanies this ode to stationery will remain in my head as I don’t have the craft to get it out!

What would I do without my sharpie
What would I do without those pens
I couldn’t show typographical errors
Or point to grammatical amends

I couldn’t exist without my sharpie
Without them the world would be flat
I need them to underline issues
Or to emphasise this or that

If anything ever happened to sharpie
If ever it were in great peril
I’d offer my all to protect it
Or I suppose I could just use a berol?


Wine, love and an advert

11 Apr

I thought I’d follow the day 11 (write about wine and love) and day 10 (write an advert) prompts together in a moralising poem that speaks to the drink responsibly campaign and something close to my heart.

First came wine, then came love
Before them both was friendship
And then one day the fermented grape
Joined us at the hip

After love, then came kids
The oldest story ever
But wine kept coming and its effect
Wasn’t quite so clever

In the end, there was only wine
No friendship now remained
Love had gone, the kids estranged
But the bottle never waned

So just you think, before you drink
About what befell me
Wine and love don’t always last
So drink responsibly!