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Advice from a modern mother to her traditionally-named daughters

23 Apr

Don’t do it Marjorie!
Don’t do it girl
Your heart’s all a-flutter
Your head’s in a whirl
Don’t throw it all away
Don’t be a silly
Don’t run away with him
Stay with me

Don’t do it Winifred!
Don’t go so fast
You’ll enjoy it more
If you make it last
What’s all the hurry?
It’s not a race
You’ll be quicker to regret it
If you don’t slow the pace

Don’t do it Bernadette
Don’t worry so
All your anxiety
You need to let go
You won’t get anywhere
Gnashing your teeth
Chill out or you will end up
6 feet beneath

For day 23 of napowrimo. Not following the prompt this time – not even looked at it!