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Yarrrcisistic Sea Shanty

19 Apr

For day 17 of napowrimo – any excuse for a sea shanty!

I’m a yarrrcissistic pirate – yes I am. Yes you are!
I’m a damn good-looking buccaneering man. You really are!
And I always do me best
To be impeccabelly dressed
I’m the dooziest of salts, aren’t I men? Yes, by far!

I spend hours at the mirror, yes I do. Looking at you!
Me reflection shivers me timbers, yes it’s true. It’s so true!
Before I splice the mainbrace
I titivate me face
And I brush me lovely hair through and through. Swit swoo!

Oh it’s tough to be a pirate out at sea. Seriously?
Yes, the wind and rain and salt’s not good for me. Okay…
The barnacles are rough
And I think I’ve had enough
I’m gonna swap this bilge for beauty therapy! Blimey!