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Potshot… potshot… CLUSTERBOMB!

21 Oct

You snapped my finger
But it’s ok
Gave up piano when I was young

You punctured my lung
But I’ll be fine
I’ve got a spare in here somewhere

You broke my heart
I had just one
And now I’m gonna break yours…


Close to you

2 May

To the tune of  ‘Close to You’ by Bacharach and David (performed by The Carpenters)

Why do bruises suddenly appear
Every time you are near
Because of them I don’t want to be
Close to you

Why do friends not come anymore
To our house, to our door
Just like me they don’t want to be
Close to you

When you’re home the hounds in my head they all howl together
And were they real they’d tear your face apart
But they’re only in my mind and so
They can’t act out what’s in my heart on you

That is why I’m going to leave
It’s to make you believe
Then you’ll see, no-one wants to be
Close to you