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A victory for civility

18 Oct

Coffee profferred…
With milk in!!!
Manners trump gag reflex
Thank you very much.




20 May

Inspired by the ever-inspiring Crow

The bottle sat sealed
A passer-by in full flow glanced
Then comically reversed
To look askance

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by surveyed to see
If others had observed his
Erstwhile trophy

The bottle sat sealed
The passer-by grew wide to hide
The prize from rival passing eyes
With jealous pride

No bottle sat sealed
The passer-by in full flow fled
Encumbered by suspicious bulge
He later was found dead.

Make Mine A Double

16 Apr

For napowrimo day 15 (I’m so far behind!)

Make mine a double
Get me in trouble
I’ll never get there with just one

Upturn the bottle
I’m going full throttle
I’m in the mood for some fun

My spirits will soar
With each one you pour
My inhibitions have gone

Until the night turns
And my stomach churns
And I throw it all up on someone.