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Water snail – eater of hope

30 Jun

Where once was hope
there’s now just
a solitary
water snail
sucking on
my entrails

From whence it came
I don’t know
it killed me though, this
water snail.
I wish that
it would go.



16 Apr

For day 14 of napowrimo

Dark clouds hide the morning sun
Threatening to smother hope
Which runs toward the light

Mindlessly, head down, I run
Up the cloud-topped endless slope
Hope’s second to will

Fatigue clouds the hope, the fight
The run ends, all is still

In the Absence of Moonlight

5 Jan

My beam sweeps the night
As chittering, fluttering things
Laugh beyond its light
While I search for you
Blackness infinite
Overwhelms me with despair
To think that I might
Not see you again