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Day 14 of napowrimo – still late: Apple

18 Apr

It’s like that film, ‘Shallow Hal’
But you’re a fruit, not a Paltrow
A beautiful ripe apple
(or so it would appear)
Sitting in my desk drawer
Behind biscuits, under crisps
An option doubtless healthier
(or so it would appear)

I cannot resist

I bite through the flawless skin
My open mouth, juice flows in
My tastebuds reach, yeeeearning…
Recoil! Foetid liquid!
My tongue flails like a giant squid
Shot by Captain Nemo
Must not swallow! Must not swallow!

Too late

My gullet gags, my belly bucks
To make the fruit regurgitant!
Is that a word? I don’t care
Just get this mouthrot out of here!
Intestines clench in mortal fear
Get this gutrot out of here!
I’m going to die if I don’t rinse
Like Snow White sans her gallant prince

It’s over

Day 4 of Napowrimo 2017 – Run

4 Apr

The hair on the back of your neck stiffens
Your senses are alert
Was that a noise you heard? Imagination?
You strain your ears
For a sound that hints at what’s to come
So you can run.
You wish it wasn’t dark
You wish it wasn’t late
You wish you hadn’t cut through
The ‘wrong’ side of town
You wish you were invisible
You’re not
And even if you were
You’re wearing shoes that ‘crash’ and ‘bang’
With every single step
And even were they quiet
You smell like someone who’s been dancing
Someone who’s had fun
And like someone frightened out of their wits
Someone who would run
If they weren’t transfixed.
But not that way…