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22 Jun

The great rainbird beats her wings

Whipping winds to helter-skelter

Teeth-like droplets bite our face

A million miles from shelter


Risque Snippets

5 Jul

2 pieces of risque micropoetry:

Dentist’s Waiting Room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room
There’s a porno in the dentist’s waiting room!
Who put it there?
Is it part of the care?
Is it there to ease the pre-extraction gloom?
I come to your door
You don’t want me anymore
There’s a new man on your back
(I can see his hairy crack)
All I feel is relief
That our liaison so brief
(But so boring nonetheless)
Is over, I guess

In the Absence of Moonlight

5 Jan

My beam sweeps the night
As chittering, fluttering things
Laugh beyond its light
While I search for you
Blackness infinite
Overwhelms me with despair
To think that I might
Not see you again