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22 Jun

The great rainbird beats her wings

Whipping winds to helter-skelter

Teeth-like droplets bite our face

A million miles from shelter


Particular Spoon

19 Jun

Once more I’ve closed the doors of this crazy world behind me to seek solace in this panoply of poets. Hi everybody! I brought a daft rhyme!

Particular spoon
Particular spoon
Among all others
I have to have you
I ransack the drawer
For your signature bowl
I look for your handle
Like miner for coal

My tomato soup
Will be carried by none
My reduced-fat yogurt’s
Bland taste won’t be known
Unless I have you
Specifically you
Particular spoon
Particular spoon

Day 14 of napowrimo – still late: Apple

18 Apr

It’s like that film, ‘Shallow Hal’
But you’re a fruit, not a Paltrow
A beautiful ripe apple
(or so it would appear)
Sitting in my desk drawer
Behind biscuits, under crisps
An option doubtless healthier
(or so it would appear)

I cannot resist

I bite through the flawless skin
My open mouth, juice flows in
My tastebuds reach, yeeeearning…
Recoil! Foetid liquid!
My tongue flails like a giant squid
Shot by Captain Nemo
Must not swallow! Must not swallow!

Too late

My gullet gags, my belly bucks
To make the fruit regurgitant!
Is that a word? I don’t care
Just get this mouthrot out of here!
Intestines clench in mortal fear
Get this gutrot out of here!
I’m going to die if I don’t rinse
Like Snow White sans her gallant prince

It’s over

Water snail – eater of hope

30 Jun

Where once was hope
there’s now just
a solitary
water snail
sucking on
my entrails

From whence it came
I don’t know
it killed me though, this
water snail.
I wish that
it would go.

Eyes on the Road

9 May

I see you through my windscreen
Weigh you up
Check you out
Undress you
Wonder if you see me too
Do you care?
Do I not
Impress you?
Burdened by a sense of guilt
No I can’t
Wish I could
Caress you
You are not a good boy’s thoughts
Eyes on road
Better to
Repress you

What would I do without my sharpie?

8 May

More often these days there’s a mental music that accompanies my ‘poems’. Once again, the show-tune that accompanies this ode to stationery will remain in my head as I don’t have the craft to get it out!

What would I do without my sharpie
What would I do without those pens
I couldn’t show typographical errors
Or point to grammatical amends

I couldn’t exist without my sharpie
Without them the world would be flat
I need them to underline issues
Or to emphasise this or that

If anything ever happened to sharpie
If ever it were in great peril
I’d offer my all to protect it
Or I suppose I could just use a berol?


Close to you

2 May

To the tune of  ‘Close to You’ by Bacharach and David (performed by The Carpenters)

Why do bruises suddenly appear
Every time you are near
Because of them I don’t want to be
Close to you

Why do friends not come anymore
To our house, to our door
Just like me they don’t want to be
Close to you

When you’re home the hounds in my head they all howl together
And were they real they’d tear your face apart
But they’re only in my mind and so
They can’t act out what’s in my heart on you

That is why I’m going to leave
It’s to make you believe
Then you’ll see, no-one wants to be
Close to you