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Earnest call of a mouse-tick

18 Apr

Everyone, I’ve an announcement to make
I’m afraid it’s time to evacuate
The mouse is dead, it’s time to go
And find a new host before it’s too late.

Gather your family but pack few things
Because whatever the future brings
We have to have a much lighter touch
To not over-exploit these giant beings

I know they’re a million times bigger than you
But you have to remember that they’re mortal too
If you’re lucky enough to land on your feet
Remember to not bite off more than you can chew

For napowrimo day 18


Visual, aural and kinaesthetic

17 Apr

For napowrimo day 17

Today looks like it’s going to be good
I can see that we’re going to have fun
I’ve had my eye on you and you’ve been looking at me too
I’ve a vision that today will be the one

I hear that you’ve waited for my move
It sounds like you’ve waited for a while
I’m all ears to this news and I hope it’s not a ruse
‘Cos it’s music and it really makes me smile

I feel pretty nervous at the thought
I’ve a tingling sensation down my spine
And I’m knocking at the knees, as if I’ve caught a strange disease
At the feeling that you might soon be mine

10 lies – napowrimo day 16

17 Apr

I’d love to have this job
It’d really suit my skills
I’m not drawn by the money
Though it’ll help to pay the bills

I’m very skilled in business
And I manage my time well
My weakness is perfectionism
And I’m too modest to tell

The truth is that I’m driven
I push hard to succeed
Given me this job, and I will
Reward your choice indeed

For napowrimo day 16

20 questions

14 Apr

Day 14 of napowrimo

These are the first 20 questions that came to mind today:

Why didn’t I book today off work?
Why is my dreaming wife wearing that smirk?
Why is the shower plughole blocked again?
What is this fuzz that is stuck in the drain?
Why don’t I have matching socks in my drawer?
Why is the elastic in my pants so poor?
Who ate all of my Raisin Crunch?
What else can I eat, I can’t wait ’til lunch?

Where are my car keys – they were here last night?
Is this coffee starting to affect my sight?
Which of my children took my 20-pound note?
Is that cat wee I can smell on my coat?
Why does my bus never arrive on time?
Why can’t I find the right word to rhyme?
Why does my boss always pick on me?
Why does the vending machine eat my money?

Why does each new day follow the last?
Why can’t we live in our happier past?
Why does a broken heart never mend?
When will this whole thing end?

Untitled with slight kenning

13 Apr

For day 13 of napowrimo

My wardrobe’s half the size of yours
Yet your clothes fill my space
Your portion’s twice the size of mine
But you take food off my plate
I talk and talk ’bout recycling
You still put tins in waste
The tape I made of Moonlighting
You accidentally erased
But when I think of life without
Your thoughtless, selfish ways
I’m tempted but I would not last
For more than 2 whole days
I’d miss your socks strewn on the floor
I’d miss your bearpigwarthog snore
I’d miss us watching L.A. Law
I’d miss your every trace

Mowing the Lawn, inspired by Judas Priest

13 Apr

Mowing the Lawn, based on Judas Priest’s ‘Breaking the Law’ by Halford, Tipton and Downing
For napowrimo day 12

There I was the weekend waiting, for me to enjoy
I’ve been working all week long, like a good hard working boy
Feel as though my wife don’t care, for my happiness
She won’t quit her nagging ’til I’ve cut the freakin’ grass!

Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn

So much for the golden weekend, I can’t even start
I wish the mower was broken, there’s anger in my heart
You know just know what it’s like, you know that it’s true
I’ve seen you on Saturday, doing the same thing too

Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn

I’ve got hayfever now!

Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn, mowing the lawn

A word to the unwise – napowrimo day 9

9 Apr

I feel that this should be longer but I couldn’t think of anything that would add anything so will leave it as it is, for now. If I review, I must make use of the word ‘buffoon’

Oh you giddy jester
You silly, funny clown
Know when to quit your capering
And keep your fool head down