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Day 12 of napowrimo (late again!) – Wall

14 Apr

I wail at the wall we’ve woven between us
But buffers long-learned prevent you
From hearing me here, tearing my hair
Wishing we would wash it away
I know it’s been a while
But maybe if we really tried
To forget we’re tired
We could turn the tide
And blow this shit away
Start over again


Day 11 (late) for NaPoWriMo – Tragedy Bop

14 Apr

They launched themselves upon the sea
Escaping lives of misery
For a future they knew not what would be
Praying for safe delivery
They say the sea is cruel
But people are much crueller.

And I could not save them all.

They gave their life savings
To men with no scruples
Who’d happily see
Folk eaten by fish
They crowded ‘pon boats
That could barely float
In this most vulnerable state
Put their trust in fate

And I could not save them all.

They found themselves splashed on newspaper pages
Some dead, some saved, kids of all ages
The focus of indignant liberal rages
And much chin-fingering by political sages
And the papers sold
By the bucket-load

Day 10 (late) of Napowrimo – Portrait Of A Lost Love

12 Apr

Her iridescence, so profound
Came from living underground
She had lamplight eyes, which in darkness glinted
But under fluorescents she always squinted

How could I forget the time we dated?
She was super-tall, etiolated
With her see-through skin, she was entrancing
And what a sight we were when dancing

It ended with apology
She was more in love with geology
We’d been on the rocks for a while
She could charm a stone with that smile.

Day 9 of Napowrimo (late) – Coot

11 Apr

Flappy-footed coot
The white mask on your black head
Makes you look so stern
As you shake diamonds off your back
And fix me with your red-eyed stare
Am I good enough
To join your hen-party?
You turn around and leave
Your answer plain to see

Day 8 of napowrimo ‘…frustrated’

9 Apr

Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
You can bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce
But I don’t think you should be so keen
Until I’ve assembled the trampoline

Screw screw screw screw screw, bang! SWEAR!
Get the first aid – find the tourniquet there
Bring a mop out to soak up this blood
And some ice for the rest of my thumb would be good

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
A doctor, a surgeon or a vet would be great!
I’ve still got a large trampoline to construct
If it’s not done today, I’ll really be f…..

Day 7 Of Napowrimo – More Luck Than Sense

7 Apr

‘Good luck’, they said as I left home for war
With the other young conscripts, some rich, some poor
I asked ‘What of strategy? What of our might?’
They said ‘Even winners can die in a fight’.

‘Good luck’, they said as I went for a job
To make myself someone, and earn a few bob
I said ‘Won’t my skills and my talent swing it?’
They replied ‘Skills mean nothing if your face doesn’t fit’.

‘Good luck’, they wished us as my spouse and I wed
And their words ricocheted round inside my head
‘What of hard work and true love?’, I thought
Without luck it seemed that all was for naught.

‘Good luck’, they said as I went to the docs
It wasn’t my day and I left in a box
So this poem is inscribed on my headstone, you see
To wish for you all serendipity.

Napowrimo Day 6 – Several Ways to Look at a Dot

6 Apr

A big thing – a long way off
A remnant of a polite cough
The last gasp of a dry inkpot
Started drawing, but forgot what
A decapitated ‘i’
A sunspot on an eclipse-burned eye
The drip from a pen, ahead of its time
A commitment to, but no words to rhyme
A pixel that ran away from home
A flake of ash on a landscape of snow
A strangled morse code ‘SOS’
Nothing, more or less

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