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22 Jun

The great rainbird beats her wings

Whipping winds to helter-skelter

Teeth-like droplets bite our face

A million miles from shelter


The Damp Fox

27 Apr

For day 27 of napowrimo – a long-lined poem.

I’ve not tried one of these before so this is very experimental!

The damp fox looks at me dejectedly as I ‘hello’ while jogging by
He’s supposed to be timid but he looks like he’s past caring
Or maybe in my shorts and vest he knows I’m not a threat
Either way he sits there like a fisherman on a fish-less lake
Knowing at his time of life there’s not much else he can do
He’s a fox – it’s not like he can get a job in the factories
Those anthropomorphic stories have a lot to answer for
I hope the next time I’m round here I don’t see him again
He makes me feel awkward like he looks right at my soul
As if maybe he’s sad because of all the bad things I’ve done
And not because the houses here don’t keep chickens