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Particular Spoon

19 Jun

Once more I’ve closed the doors of this crazy world behind me to seek solace in this panoply of poets. Hi everybody! I brought a daft rhyme!

Particular spoon
Particular spoon
Among all others
I have to have you
I ransack the drawer
For your signature bowl
I look for your handle
Like miner for coal

My tomato soup
Will be carried by none
My reduced-fat yogurt’s
Bland taste won’t be known
Unless I have you
Specifically you
Particular spoon
Particular spoon


Soon… but not yet

19 Mar

Put in the back of a cupboard


With holey socks and instant custard
Sell-by date expired

Waiting ever-patient
For planets to align

The clouds will clear, a shaft of light!

Rapture! Time to rhyme

‘Til April’s once more gone

The muse back in her box
With dusty toys and clamshell phones

And high school lovers’ locks

Fun run

11 May

Warm sun above
Tarmac below…

Off we go’d

Down the road
Roared on by the crow-d
Bobbing along

No chatter or song
Passed the tongue

Of the forward-faced throng

While banners and boards

Were waved by the hoards
Whose fat-faced wards

Sticky sweets gnawed

Up hill


Running still

Feeling ill

Hot sun above

Hard road below

How far is there left to go?
I don’t know.

Make Mine A Double

16 Apr

For napowrimo day 15 (I’m so far behind!)

Make mine a double
Get me in trouble
I’ll never get there with just one

Upturn the bottle
I’m going full throttle
I’m in the mood for some fun

My spirits will soar
With each one you pour
My inhibitions have gone

Until the night turns
And my stomach churns
And I throw it all up on someone.

Inner Critic

17 Sep

There’s nothing worse than jest in verse
Or so my inner critic, thinks
Every time, I fill my rhyme
With fun it says ‘It stinks. It stinks!’

But seriously, it pains me
To write my verse with sober pen
I don’t have in, me discipline
The clown pops up again, again!

So I ask you, what should I do?
Should I bow to my staid reviewer?
Or embrace the clown and we’ll go down
To dance inside the sewer.