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22 Jun

The great rainbird beats her wings

Whipping winds to helter-skelter

Teeth-like droplets bite our face

A million miles from shelter


Untitled Sonnet

25 Apr

For day 23 of napowrimo – yes it needs work and more iambic pentametrification, but it’ll do for now!

They met in a field ‘neath mischievous skies
Two tribes, same cause: extinguish the other
None of them was sure of what was the prize
They’d settle for getting home to mother
Battle was joined as the whistle was blown
Onlookers lost all sense of who was who
Muscle and sinew became solid stone
As shouts rent the air and grass and mud flew
Teshub rejoiced as his clouds fed the fray
With cold stinging rain the howling wind cheered
Where they had been flung, casualties lay
At risk of stampede as the maelstrom veered
Tomorrow, memory of war will fade
And time will erase the history made